Home Decor Sorted by Type of Stone

PebbleZ.com is known as the worlds largest retailer of natural stone home decor products. From humble beginnings, our product line has expanded to included hundreds of different items. these items are available in a variety of stone type including gemstone, marble, slate, and others. Each material has its own unique style, properties, and peculiarities, with each one having a distinct personality. In order to make shopping easier, we have created a page where we have sorted our line of home decor by stone type. This will allow you to see all of the different styles of material we have at a single glance, allowing you to more easily make a decision about which product line you would like to explore next.

Our first collection consists of natural, polished marble home decor products. This is one of our most elegant and popular lines, and includes items such as marble vases, ash trays, shot glasses, chess sets, and coffee tables. Marble is a classic material that has been used in some of the great works of architecture and art throughout human history, and marble home decor is a way to capture some of that dignity, history, and elegance in your home, without having to pay for the expense of elaborate construction projects.

Our next collection is made up of gemstone home decor products. These consist of a variety of products manufactured using amethyst, crystal quartz, and sodalite, as well as a large number of items built using semi precious agate.

One of the great things about gemstone home decor is that the material itself is often quite unique, with erratic colors and shades forming in the surface, and with the shape of the item itself having unique properties. Usually these properties are left in tact, such as in amethyst, where the stone is naturally polished. In other pieces, such as in most agate items, the stone is sliced smooth and then polished to perfection.

Gemstone products on our site include beverage coasters, candle holders, and desk clocks.

Alabaster home decor is one of our newest collections. It consists mostly of an exquisite line of chess sets, which are imported from Chiellini Italy. The smooth polished perfection of the alabaster, meshed with the unique and startling colors found naturally within the stone, serves to make these some of the most high end and exclusive chess sets in the world.

Our last collection is the natural onyx stone home decor line. This material is very similar to marble, except that it has a translucent property, which allows light to permeate the surface of the stone to some extent. This allows us to create illuminated products such as the candle holder shown above.

Even when not illuminated, onyx stone has a unique surface pattern, which consists of a variety of multicolored formations, occurring naturally, and erratically, throughout the surface of the piece. These features are different in every piece of stone, ensuring that every individual piece of onyx stone home decor is a one of a kind, unlike any other in the entire world.

Our onyx stone collection consists of candle holders, chess boards, ash trays, shot glasses, vases, lamps, and many other unique items which can be found throughout our store.

Other material collections include slate, soapstone, and travertine pieces, as well as a large collection of sandstone items, including the highly popular absorbent sandstone beverage coasters. In the weeks ahead we will be adding these categories to the page. For now you can explore all of our natural stone home decor collections at http://pebblez.com/decor/index.html

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