How Comfortable Are You in Your Living Room?

Making your living room comfortable is vital to the very purpose of the space. If it isn’t inviting, it won’t be used.

You can start off by thinking about the way things feel. The tactile quality of an object, even one you have never touched, can affect the way you perceive it in a subtle but powerful way. Just imagine walking into a room made entirely of concrete.

In the living room you want things to be soft. This puts people at ease. They know they won’t get cut or scraped. It is safe to relax and let down their guard.

You also want your living room to be warm. A cold space is going to put people on edge, make them grumpy. It will isolate them as they huddle mentally and physically into their own warmth.

Blankets are a great accessory in the living room. They encourage you to cuddle up and get cozy, allowing each person to be as warm as they like. They just make the space seem friendlier, and they do promote sharing, which can help to bring people closer together.

Pillows are another way to make your living room more inviting. A soft piece of pure comfort décor, they can be easily rearranged however you want, allowing visitors to customize the space to their own preferences.

The flooring you choose is going to affect you every time you take a step in the space. While it isn’t easy to completely overhaul your floors every time you want to change the ambience of the living room, finding the right carpets and throw rugs can have a pretty dramatic affect. Even on the roughest stone and concrete floors, the contrast of a fluffy rug can make the room seem even cozier.

The perfect compliment to a fuzzy floor rug is a roaring fireplace. Thanks to modern technology you don’t even need a chimney anymore you can just look into one of the various electric models available. The best part is that it is a quiet and subdued alternative to casting a television / media station as the centerpiece of the rooms focus.

Candles and candle holders are another way to add peace to your living room. They promote a relaxed atmosphere on a variety of levels, adding both a serene visual quality and a soothing fragrance to the space.

The most important consideration when developing a warm and relaxing living room are your own personal feelings in the space. You should always customize to suite your own preferences first, adding elements which are meaningful, beautiful, and comfortable for you. In this way, your own sense of ease will be a part of the ambiance of the room, acting as a subtle cue to visitors that this is a place where it is safe to relax.

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