Imported Marble Tea Candle Holders

marble candle holdersmarble candle holders

Today I would like to introduce one of our new imported marble products. We have recently begun adding imported products to our showcase as a way of supplementing our own line. The idea is that we are going to become your total resource for natural stone on the web, whether you are looking for stone home decor, stone materials and tiles, or general stone information.

The beautiful marble candle holders shown above are crafted from a type of marble called red zebra. This marble is characterized by deep crimson colors, broken occasionally by white lightning stripe markings. The contrasting effect is a rather powerful mix of form and color.

These canle holders are small, about 3″ in diameter, and are intended for tea candles. While they can be used on their own, they are most attractive in sets of 3 or more. Since each one is made unique by its natural formation, the varying characteristics will work with one another to create a natural masterpiece of form and beauty.

These candle holders were imported from Pakistan, and are polished to a high hone. They are available on at just $9.95 a piece. If you need quantity discounts on 10 or more candle holders contact us at

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