Insperiences, Bringing the Natural World into Our Homes

I as reading about an idea called Insperiences over at and it got me thinking about natural stone.

An Insperience, according to the site, is a trend in which consumers are more and more trying to bring experiences which they usually have at very specific locations, into their homes. An example of this would be a person that loves to bowl, installing a bowling alley in their home.

This isn’t necessarily a new trend, as people with enough disposable income have always added entertainment spaces to their homes reflecting their favorite activities. If you have money and you enjoy swimming, you are probably going to get a pool installed on your property. Why go somewhere else when you can roll out of bed and perform your favorite activity?

However what may be a new development in human consciousness is the fact that people are becoming more isolated within their homes. With the prevalence of communication technologies, you no longer have to go outside to meet new people. In effect, you can have the experience of interacting with other humans, in an Insperiential way, sitting in your underwear in bed, using a computer.

However meeting people online is never going to have quite the same feel as going out into the real world and interacting with live humans. In a similar way, bowling a perfect game alone at home is never going to be quite as satisfying as doing it down at the alley, surrounded by people shouting and cheering.

Our Insperiences are cutting us off from reality.

Because of this, many people are turning to another Insperience. They are trying to take reality, and bring it into their homes. This is being done by creating environments which include a variety of natural materials in their design.

Many times the steal and plastic that surrounds us seems a shadowy existence. This is because our race was born into a primal world, where violence and struggle was a common theme, and we still retain many of the traits necessary to live in such a world. However nowadays we have to repress those traits, hide them away so that we can live in a civilized world.

However people need to feel a connection to this primal past. And so they simulate it, by using natural material to build their homes. They could use synthetic substances to simulate the appearance of stone or wood, but they don’t because it detracts from the reality of the Insperience they are trying to create.

Although only a simulation, creating homes which reflect the natural world does foster an environment in which we can experience a small piece of primal reality every single day. While this obviously can�t rival living on a mountain top or out in the woods, or even becoming a hunter or fisherman, it does remind us of who we are, and gives us a little bit of an edge on the world of rounded plastic and steal.
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