Interesting Facts About Clocks

The management of time by mechanical means comes from the invention of the clock during medieval times in monasteries in European countries. Back then, clocks were used to signal to the people that it was time to come together to pray. The clock would chime and the sound of the ringing bells would signal to people that it was time to pray. The irony, of course, is that clocks were originally made so that people would be helped to perform their daily prayers. But eventually clocks ended up as instruments of capitalism, which is basically the exact opposite of religion. Now we’re lucky if we can find the time to pray in our ever busier and busier life.

The pendulum clock was invented by Christian Huygens in 1656.

In the Arabic language, the word for clock is the same as the word for “hour”. This is true whether you are talking about a wristwatch or a wall clock, an hour of time, or “o’clock”. They are all the same word.

Unique Stone Wall Clocks Designed and Manufactured in the United States

We are all familiar with today’s clocks and watches. And most of us remember sundials were used in centuries past. What is not widely known is that the ancient Greeks used water for telling time. These water clocks worked on the basis of falling water turning gears and levers to make the clock move.

In 1797, a tax was placed on clocks in Great Britain. The tax was five shillings.

Who is the longest continuing clockmaker in the USA? Seth Thomas Clocks is America’s oldest continuous clockmaker, having manufactured clocks in the USA since 1813. Seth Thomas was founded in Thomaston, Connecticut, which at the time of its founding was known as Plymouth Hollow. Plymouth Hollow renamed the town Thomaston in honor of Seth Thomas the individual and the Seth Thomas Clock Company. In the Company’s earlier years Seth Thomas Clocks was a fairly sizable maker of grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks, which as this is written, are no longer part of their product line.

Concerning weighted cuckoo clocks- NEVER EVER move the hour hand when changing the time. ALWAYS move the minute hand or the clock will need to see a clock doctor. This action upsets the sensitive functions of the time mechanism.

The reason some clocks utilize quartz is because quartz pulsates in 1 second increments thus enabling the second hand to maintain accuracy.

The first alarm clock was invented in Concord New Hampshire by Levi Hutchins in 1787. It was never patented as the inventor didn’t care about money, he just didn’t want to oversleep anymore.

Wall Clock Made From Indian Marble

Emily Dickinson wrote a poem titled “The Clock strikes one that just struck two.” The Clock strikes one that just struck two — Some schism in the Sum — A Vagabond for Genesis Has wrecked the Pendulum —

John Harrison, an English clockmaker, devoted his life to the quest of accurately determining longitude in order to make sea faring safer.

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