Introducing Coral Beige Marble Coasters

Here is the newest addition to our extremely popular line of natural marble drink coasters. As you can see, they feature a gentle brown rolling waves of grain temperament, with subtle but enticing patterns forming throughout the surface.

The coasters are hand cut and polished to a smooth shimmering sheen. They also come with a hand carved coaster holder which is wrought from a piece of the same marble material as the coasters they hold.

The coasters are part of a new line of imported Mexican products that the company is introducing to fill out its inventory offerings.

Personally, I think these coasters have a nice warmth, with a homey feeling that isnt too fuzzy, because it is held at bay by the perfection of shimmering polished marble. Perfect for a living room, or a country style kitchen, or really anywhere where you want to promote a sense of family and hearth.

Please note that the coarl beige coasters come in sets of 6 with a matched stone holder. However they are not absorbent, and they do not contain the encompassing lip which some of our other coasters do sport. They also have a green felt backing which is designed to protect surfaces from scratches.

You can find the coral beige beverage coasters on our retail outlet We will also be distributing them through our wholesale and retail outlets.

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