Lighted Onyx Mantel Clocks

We are proud to introduce,illuminated Onyx stone mantel clocks, by PebbleArt

lighted clocks

This is PebbleArt’s latest illuminated onyx product and it represents the full maturation of their design style.

A cube formed of translucent onyx stone, with an array of multi colored patterns dancing throughout its surface. When the light situated behind the onyx is struck, this clock suddenly ignites, its colors taking on new dimension as they are infused with the glow beyond.

This mantel clock is 12″X12″X6″ deep. This makes it a large and impressive piece, which can easily dominate the twilight hours of any space.

Every piece of natural onyx stone we use contain unique features, with colors that form in one of a kind patterns across their surfaces. This is due to the natural properties of the stone, which developed during its formation beneath the earth. This ensures that every single clock we make has its own personality which is unlike any other model in the world.

This is the perfect piece to put on a mantel, or near your bed. At night you can dim the lights, and sit back, mesmerized by the ambient glow of patterns and colors which drift across the surface of this piece.

This clock is also highly customizable. You can choose from 7 different colors of natural onyx stone, each with a distinct character that ensures your piece will be very personal. You can also choose3 from a variety of clock faces including the very popular, 12 matched stone chips. This option creates a clock face formed by chips of the translucent onyx stone, combining rustic beauty with stylish elegance.

This clock is available to retail customers at our outlet site on the page

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