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log cabin

A log home is a unique architectural structure, with specific design qualities and features. The fact that they are built from rustic hardwood affects every component of the decorative space, both inside and outside of the actual home. This material serves to forge a connection between the building itself and the surrounding natural world. This connection is so implicit, that a log home would look rather out of place in a city or suburb. That is because the idea, the philosophical core value of the log home, is its connection to primal reality.

The fact that the wood has a sense of life and growth; lent to it by the spirit of the tree from which it was harvested, also serves to give a log home an intrinsic energy. This is an untamed energy that can often be difficult to channel. It can take the form of splinters, dust, or even insects burrowing into the wood of the structure, living their lives in harmony with the materials of the building itself, but it can also take the form of unique features, growth, change, and the fresh breathtaking beauty that is our existence.

Alright, so you have a log cabin, and you have to live in it. What you want to do is try to create a sense of harmony between the forces of nature, and the needs and desires of humans. This is best done by following the rhythm of the space, rather than working against it. Try to introduce elements and choices, which will flow naturally with the inherent architecture of the design.

Materials are very important to achieving this harmony. You don’t want to try to force perfect stainless steal, or lifeless plastic molding into such an untamed space. Rather, you want to glorify the unique spirit of the home, by using unique natural materials such as hardwood products, wrought iron accessories, braided straw and wickerwork, and even rustic natural stone.

As far as patterns, avoid anything that is too complex and formal. The wood itself, wherever it is left exposed, can lead your eye towards complimentary patterns by nature of the unique formations which occur in its surface. You can also find inspiration from the unassuming ambiance that can generally be found within even the grandest and most overpowering log home interiors.

One way to balance the power which can sometimes seem harsh in a log cabin is to decorate with a variety of soft, comfortable accessories, which emphasize warmth and safety. Items such as thick rugs, soft pillows, and cushioned furnishings will all help to cut the intensity of the space.

Log Cabin Lighting Décor

The most prevalent source of light you have in a log cabin should be the sun. This space tends to invite the insperience, and as such you should welcome the golden rays of dawn into your home, and let them naturally illuminate.
Secondary lighting pieces should all try to flow with the feel and purpose of the space. Lamps and fixtures can be built using a variety of materials ranging from wrought iron, to polished pebble stone, which will make them a seamless part of the home.

One thing to consider is the nature of darkness, and its relation to the world, and the interior of the space. In the natural world, the sun rises, and there is light. When the sun goes down, there is no more light, and it is time to sleep. The fact that we can use lamps and other man made devices to resist darkness is intrinsically unnatural, a resistance to the way the world actually works.

Because of this, darkness can actually be a strategic choice in a log cabin decorative plan. At night, when the sun goes down, many people feel a log cabin should get a little bit dark, with only a few small halos of light giving localized illumination in strategic locations. For this reason table lamps are often the fixture of choice in a log cabin, as they tend to produce light in only a small area, often beside a comfortable chair, or a bed.

The other obvious choice for log cabin illumination is a fireplace. An archetype of the log cabin will generally feature a big roaring fireplace, it is simply a feature that we strongly associate with such a décor. Even if your cabin does not have a fireplace, you can always purchase a small wood burning stove, which can produce a soft, and comforting glow on cold winter nights.

The most important thing to remember when choosing home décor pieces for a log cabin is that you want to create a space that exists in harmony. Since the nature of the cabin gives it such a strong personality, it doesn’t make sense to go to war with the building; instead you should choose pieces which can exist in harmony with the inherent ambiance of the space. Once you accept the rhythm of the log materials, you can then make decorative choices which will shape the energy of the home, allowing you more freedom in your creative planning.

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  1. Great tips. Log cabin are definietly a challenge to decorate

  2. Log homes can be decorated in a variety of ways, you can even theoretically go modern with them. It is all about personal style

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