Marble Beverage Coasters – Information and Maintenance

Marble is one of the most ancient and respected materials in the history of design. It has graced the halls and palaces of the great kings of time, and has been used in countless pieces of art and famous architecture throughout the ages.

This sophisticated elegance is one reason why marble is such a popular match for drink coasters. The coaster is a device that speaks to the respectability and care of its owner. Its presence shows an attention to detail, and love for simple perfections. Marble is a powerful mountain born material that manages to restrain the towering energy beneath a respectfully polished and polite surface.

Coasters allow you to bring that special energy that can only be found in marble into your home, without having to worry about expensive and time consuming construction, or exorbitant prices.

There are many different colors of marble which are available in drink coasters. The classic choice is to choose a type of white marble, which will reflect that used in such classic designs as in the Parthenon. Onyx multi-colors are another popular selection. Both of these colors also have the unique distinction of being semi translucent, which means that in the right light, illumination will pierce the outer edge of the stone, and make it seem to take on a very slight hazy glow.

Other popular marble coaster colors include red zebra, midnight lightning and fossil stone colors. One of the great things about marble is that every piece, even if it comes from the same color lot, is completely different from one another. That means that each tiny coaster in a set will have its own unique personality.

One of the most important things to remember about marble coasters is that they should never be cleaned using an acid based soap or cleanser. That is because the chemical make-up of marble is a base in an acid base relationship. If the actual marble comes in contact with any acidic substance, it will discolor rather quickly and permanently. Luckily, most marble coasters do have a thin layer of invisible sealant which is applied to the surface before they are shipped, but this can wear away with time, leaving the stone vulnerable.

The best way to clean marble coasters is to use a warm, wet wash cloth. They can also be soaked in a sink full of warm water to remove ground on dirt.

Marble beverage coasters are a beautiful way to add natural beauty to your home in an elegant, perfect, polished way. They are available in a wide variety of natural colors, and many of these colors are so unique that the patterns which arise are one of a kind in each and every stone.

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