Marble Mantel Clocks

Marble is a stylish material with a long and distinguished history. Used in the great palaces and architectural wonders of the world since ancient times, it is often associated directly with classic Greek and Roman civilizations. Marble also has a direct association with art, being one of the materials most prized by sculptors throughout the ages. This is because it can be polished to a very high hone smooth finish, and it often has semi translucent properties, which can make a decorative piece made out of marble seem to glow in the right light.

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lighted mantel clocks Illuminated Onyx Stone Mantel Clocks

These mantel clocks are crafted from panels of natural, translucent onyx stone. A type of high end marble, onyx has the unique ability of allowing light and shadow to pass through its surface. This property has been used to create a series of mantel clocks the glow with a brilliant and yet ambient beauty.

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marble clocks Oak Wood Blaze Marble Mantel Clocks

The centerpiece of this attractive mantel clock is the stone itself, which contains the vibrant patterns of a wood land scene, naturally in its surface. The border has been carved with a decorative pattern, which displays the attractive nature of the piece.

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unique mantel clocks Onyx Stone Nautical Mantel Clocks

These mantel clocks are carved from a type of marble known as multicolored onyx. A very high end material, multi onyx is characterized by its unique patterns and colors, which streak across the surface of the stone naturally.

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mantel clocks Unique Oak Wood Marble Mantel Clocks

This distinguished mantel clock features a natural stone pendant hung from a marble chain, and suspended between four solid marble pillars. The face of the clock has been left natural, as a way of displaying the natural, exquisite beauty, of the oak wood marble.

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dolphin clocks Dolphin Onyx Stone Mantel Clocks

This mantel clock is a mixture of distinguished elegance and fun loving joy. The happy dolphin balances a clock on its nose, its shimmering skin rich with the colorful patterns found in semi-precious multicolored onyx stone.

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marble mantel clocks Red Zebra Marble Mantel Clocks

Attractive and functional, these tiny mantel clocks are designed to be used in a decorative display. You can arrange them with several other timepieces, or can let them stand alone amongst plants, vines, candles, and other attractive items.

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fossil stone clocks Fossil Stone Marble Mantel Clocks

The surface of these natural marble mantel clocks are a vivid display of real, million year old, fossilized impressions. If you look closely, you can see back into the depths of time, peering into a world of primitive power and force.

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unique mantel clocks Apple Onyx Mantel Clocks

This stylish apple mantle clock is carved from rich and attractive banded multicolor onyx marble. Fitted with a cute little brass twig and leaf, this clock is a light way to add a little joy to your space.

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