Medieval Apartment Décor - Weapons

The weapons of the middle ages are some of its most enduring symbols. Whether you take a fantasy based approach to your understanding of the age, reveling in the ideas of grand tournaments and chivalrous knights, or if you prefer the darker reality of an age where oppression was led by the sword, and where warfare was a constant, the weapons of the era always tend to be at the forefront of understanding, and intellectually engaging this time period.

That is why medieval weapons are such a common home décor choice. For those who feel passionately about the age, that get excited by the idea of the grit, strength, and determination of people seeking desperately to claw their way out of the darkness, there is no better homage than to hang an English long sword above their mantel. It is the very fact that the age was so desperate, and that these were the tools of life and death that makes the weapon such a powerful and even emotional statement.

The most commonly displayed medieval weapon by far is the sword. While there are a variety of sword types, ranging from sabers and shorts words, to bastard swords and even larger broadswords, they all have a common place in human history and imagination. The sword is the elegant standard of war. The trusted companion of the soldier for thousands of years, it will always have a place of dignity in human understanding.

Other weapons, such as maces, axes, and halberds are for more specialized collectors. These items have less of a place of reverence in the human imagination, and their blunt, often obvious violent intent, makes them a little unsettling for some people. However, in an aggressive environment, such as a high powered meeting or conference area, this effect may actually serve to enhance the home team advantage of whoever owns the space, giving them an aggressive and perceptual edge.

Smaller pieces such as daggers and knives, and even arrows or other smaller medieval weapons, have their place within finely matched collections. These are often historical in nature, although they can also be personal, acting as an expression of the life you live, and the way you see the world.

Medieval weapons are very powerful, potent symbols that carry with them the energy of a violent and passionate age. When used within a home or office setting, they can add a little inspiration to a space. However, you have to be cautious, because the violent nature of the pieces, may serve to create a space where violent conflicting interaction is more likely to occur.

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