Midnight Beyond Coasters From Mexico

Here we have the midnight beyond marble drink coasters. The newest addition to our popular coaster selections, they are made from imported Mexican marble. This marble has been smoothed and shaped, and then polished to a glistening hone, which reflect glimmering light off of its deep black surface.

One of the important features that set these drink coasters apart is the pure black nature of their surface. Most of our coasters, being natural, contain erratic patterns of contrasting tones, which serve to give the various pieces distinct character. By contrast, these coasters are an almost unbroken see of black, with just the faintest hints of contrasting midnight clouds appearing throughout.

This set comes with a matching black marble holder, which is also polished to a shimmering sheen. Each coaster also comes equipped with green felt backing which serves to protect your posessions from scratches.

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