Myspace Countdown Clocks

It is New Years Eve, and the count down begins 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Happy New Years!

Nothing helps us share our excitement like a countdown. Did you know that on MySpace you can share your own personal countdowns with your friends and family? There are several cute countdown clocks available online. You can share your personal countdown to the holidays, a wedding, or any other special events in your life.

By typing the words “MySpace countdown clocks” into your favorite web browser you will find several sites that offer these cute personalized clocks. One of my favorite sites is Just find the design you like, set the timer, and add your personal message.

These sites will generate a code for you to copy and paste into your myspace settings. Just click your MySpace “edit profile” button and paste the code in any of the open fields. This will give you a great MySpace countdown clock to help share your excitement with the world.

Keep in mind that there are always dangers in posting personal information. Countdown clocks are no exception to this rule. A family in Utah was recently burglarized after posting their countdown to a Disneyland vacation on their MySpace page.

Criminals are always looking for a green flag so if your count down implies that you will be out of town, please make sure that you have the appropriate security settings in place. This way you can share your excitement with only the people you know and trust. Have fun and good luck with your MySpace countdown clock.

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