Natural African Stone Candle Holders

stone candle holders

We would like to introduce our newest product here at, a natural African stone candle holder.

This candle holder represents the first in a series of holders that we are adding to our lineup, however this is the first one that we have received and had a chance to photograph and put online.

This particular model is fairly simple. It features a split stone design, which was hand carved by skilled African artisans. The split stone rises in four pillars to cup the candle at its pinnacle.

The fact that these candle holders are hand carved is truly impressive, considering that we live in a society where everything is cut perfectly from a machine. Each of the candle holders we have stocked so far has been precise, professional, and attractive, and yet they are each slightly different from one another. The differences are really quite subtle, and are a reflection of the artist that carved the individual piece.

The material these candle holders are carved from is local African soapstone. This is a natural material that carves relatively easily, and yet is resistant and durable enough to use in flooring and countertops. It consists of mostly tan colors, although there are occasional veins of fierce red and delicate pink which arise throughout its surface.

The candle holders are being offered for retail on our site
They are only $14.95 a piece, with discounts offered for multiple purchases.

If you are interested in retailing these products we do offer them both for wholesale and as part of our drop shipping program. Just contact us at for more information.

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