Natural Onyx Stone Apple Desk Clocks

onyx desk clocks

This attractive apple desk clock is carved entirely from stylish multicolor onyx stone. The surface of the piece has been polished to a smooth elegant finish, which glistens sharply in the light, and dainty leaf rises from its crest, painted in a royal golden hue.

This is the newest piece being added to our line of natural stone desk clocks. It is an imported design, brought into this country from Pakistan, and offered to both our retail and wholesale customers.

The clock is about 4 inches in diameter, and the face can be easily removed to change the time, or replace the battery.

You have to be careful never to use any harsh acidic chemicals on this clock. The chemical make up of onyx stone is such that it reacts to acids, causing a stain mark to appear in its surface. The best way to care for this piece is to wipe it down using a slightly damp wash cloth every few months.

This is the perfect desk piece for someone who is professional and dignified, but wants a little whimsy in their life. It is also a great executive gift, as it is distinct, and its unusual design mixed with its surprising weight, will help it to make an impression on the one receiving it.

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