Natural Slate Bistro Tables

The following information pertains to our La Grande Natural Slate Bistro tables

Slate is one of the most beautiful natural materials in the world. It is a stone, which is quarried from mountain ranges in various locations around the earth. When it is extracted, it is taken from the earth in huge slabs, which contain a variety of unique colors and hues which form across the surface of the piece. This huge slab is then cut down into smaller and smaller pieces, and refined so that it can be used in architectural and decorative applications.

When slate is refined into a usable form it is much more stylized than the raw chunk of stone which is pulled from the earth. Generally it is either sliced into relatively flat cubes or sheets. These materials can have one of three surface finishes

natural: rough…. uneven, and rustic, with some of the feel of the raw rugged earth which it was extracted from
honed: Flat and smooth, but not shiny
polished: Not all slate can be polished, but those that can take on a shimmering, shining hue.

When used in a bistro table, the slate can be either clefted or honed. In the La Grande table, the slate used is called “Copper Stone” and it has been left with a slightly natural finish, which is bumpy… but still smooth enough to rest a glass on.

By looking closely at the pictures you can also see that the stone has a bit of a shine to it. This comes from the sealant which is used to protect the stone. This chemical sealant seeps down into the stones pores, filling it with translucent liquid which then shines in the illumination of the sun.

This table pattern can be crafted in a variety of square, round, oval, and rectangle sizes and shapes. We can also custom fit it to any size or shape that your particular space might need.

Another customization that we can add to the table is an umbrella hole, placed in the center. This is especially useful because these tables are built for both indoor and outdoor use.

One last customization is that the tables can be equipped with an illuminated onyx ring, which will loop around the outside of the stone of the table. This translucent loop of marble can be illuminated using a light switch under the piece.

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