Natural Stone Candle Lanterns

I know I shouldn’t play favorites when it comes to our companies products, but I can’t help it. This is simply my favorite new candle holder.

stone candle lantern

This is the natural, african stone candle lantern. Hand carved from a solid chunk of African soapstone, this is a rather imposing piece. The lantern stands about 8 inches high, with walls that are in some places a quarter inch thick. Designed for just a very small candle, the light tends to rise up through the piece, illuminating its walls, and creating the illusion of a greater glow.

The lantern also features a series of diamond shaped windows, carved into the walls along its crest. These transmit the light from larger candles, and also allow the heat generated to vent out, preventing the stone from getting to warm.

At the crest of the lantern is a thick stone ring, which allows you to hang the piece from your cieling or a wall. When hanging it, be certain that you affix it to a strong nail or screw, embedded deep into a stud or other support.

This candle lantern has a really powerful, rustic feel to it. It is large, heavy, and imposing, so its inherent strength will definitely get it noticed, wherever you hang it. However, the lantern would also fit well into a country or american primitive decor.

Each lantern we offer is of course, an entirely unique piece, both because of the natural formations in the stone, and because of the individual eye oif the artist that hand carved and polished it. This individual quality is really one of the best selling points for our stone products, because they ensure that each piece has a kind of wild and untamed spirit, that makes them truly impressive.

I would recommend this lantern for rustic kitchens, or for indoor and outdoor porch decorating. It would also go well in any primitive style decor, or anyplace where you are trying to emphasize the use of natural materials.

These natural stone candle lanterns are just $19.95 if you purchase them from and are only $14.95 if you buy a set of two. Retailers, interested in wholesale lanterns? Contact us at info@pebblez.comn for more details

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