Natural Stone Coffee Tables

We have a whole new line of really beautiful natural stone coffee tables. Thanks to a partnership with a group of true stone artists, we can now offer over 40 different coffee table designs. What’s even better is that we also have the ability to offer all of these designs, in over a dozen different shapes and sizes ranging from tiny little side tables, to huge expanse room dominators.

The tables are made using a variety of natural stone materials including slate, marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and even onyx. These pieces are also mixed and matched with mosaics made from glass, and porcelain.

They are built to withstand outdoor pressure, but are beautiful when used in a home, making them versatile pieces. They also aren’t all that heavy, because of a special technologically advanced super light core.

Along with the table tops, which are sold without bases, are a line of matched natural stone bases. We have six base designs, which can be built to match any of the coffee table tops that we have. Or you can choose to mix and match.

The best part is that every single table design, in every single size, can be turned into a real illuminated onyx masterpiece. For just a little bit more you can add a ring of glowing onyx around the outside of the table. Enjoy the night with the warm glow of natural onyx stone keeping you cozy.

We would love any feedback you guys may have on these coffee tables. We also welcome any questions that you may have on the products or how to order.

—– Please note, the picture above, the last one, is actually a really beautiful animated gif of one of the tables with an onyx ring built into it illuminating. It is really quite impressive. I can;t get it working on the blog, but if you go to pebbleZ and click on any of the individual table pages, you should be able to see it. It has worked in every browser that I ahve tested so far. —–

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