Old World Palm Drink Coasters

These are the old world palm natural sandstone drink coasters. They are made from naturally absorbent American sandstone quarried in the southwestern United States. The great thing about these coasters is that the sandstone they are made from contains minute pores right in the surface of the stone. When a wet glass is placed on the surface of these coasters, the moisture drips down into the pores and is held in the stone. Then, the water waits there, without damaging the surface beneath. Over time the water evaporates out of the stone, leaving behind nothing, no messes, no water rings, no mess.

One of the unique things about these coasters is that they have been imprinted with an image. Unlike most images printed on sandstone however, this one does not clog the pores in the stone. That means that the coaster, which naturally looks like stone, can be decorated with this attractive palm scene, without losing the absorbent functional properties in the material.

These coasters can be used in just about any setting, although they would go best in an attractive rustic, or antiqued style room. They have a classical elegance that comes both from the natural material, and the faded illustration which was chosen to adorn the surface of these pieces.

These attractive coasters are sold in sets of four and have a cork backing to protect your surfaces from scratches. The surface and sides of the stone have been honed to a smooth elegant finish.

They are available for sale in our store which is located at http://Coasters.PebbleZ.com

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