Onyx Stone Ash Trays

These are our six inch square onyx stone ash trays. Crafted from the finest imported Asian onyx stone, these pieces are an instant attention grabber, dominating a room like a forceful presence. This powerful nature comes from a variety of properties which are inherent within the piece.

First of all this is an over sized ash tray. At 6 inches square, it is roughly twice as large as a standard cigarette tray. This is because it is actually designed to be used with a cigarette. You can even see the deep grooves in the side of these pieces, where the actual stogy is supposed to rest when not being used.

Another property of this stone is that it is quite dense and heavy. Even just looking at it you can see that its a solid and substantial piece. However when you actually wrap your hands around the thick cool marble, and bring it upwards, you get an idea of just how substantial this object actually is.

Finally, the most prominent property of these pieces are the wild and ecstatic colors which occur naturally in the multicolored onyx. Each piece can contain a distinct array of reds, golds, oranges, yellows, greens, and amber hues. While they all have the same flavor, being quarried from roughly the same mountains, each one is unique and one of a kind, because the patterns found within the stone will not be found exactly replicated in any other piece in the world.

The colors in the stone are enhanced substantially by the highly polished finish which is applied to it on the outside. This ability to take such a glistening polish is one of the properties that makes marble, and particularly onyx, so highly prized.

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