Onyx Stone Bud Vases

Tonight i would like to talk about one of my favorites. I know i shouldnt play favorites, but I do, so there.

These are the onyx stone bud vases. They aren’t just vases, everyone knows what a vase is. They are bud vases. They are intended for a single flower. One simple stalk, sticking out, alone, and yet unencumbered, ready for the entire world to view its flaws and perfections.

The vase it sits upon is of course an important part of the equation. That’s why I love this particular product. Its almost alive. Just look at the colors, the patterns, that swirl through its surface like a breathing organism. Those colors are an imprint of the soul of nature, they are a snapshot of the mind of reality, for they are entirely an evocation of the natural world.

It should go without saying that each individual vase is a one of a kind, and that no two vases will ever look exactly alike. That is just the way natural stone, especially multicolored natural stone, is. However the variation in these vases is truly special, and is akin to giving each of them their own unique personality. Each piece is an individual, unique, quirky, yet always polished, with an elegant demeanor that sets it apart without disturbing the fold.

Being a bud vase means that its relatively small. These vases are just 8″ tall and 3″ in diameter, making them very accessible. You don’t need to take up a whole mantel, you can just slide a little elegance onto a shelf, as part of a centerpiece, even on a long overhanging window sill.

The stone itself comes from a mountain range in Asian where it is quarried in huge rough slabs that are rugged, rustic, and dull. The stone is then sliced up into smaller and smaller pieces, and then carved, refined, worked, and polished, until you see the beautiful vases on this page.

Ok enough pretteling on. The vases can be purchased for PebbleZ at the page http://pebblez.com/vases/onyx-vase-8X3.html

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