Onyx Stone Drink Coasters

This has to be just about our most popular set of marble drink coasters. Our most popular drink coasters overall are the sandstone coasters, probably because they are absorbent, however you can’t deny the beauty and elegance of this exquisite set.

Now marble may not be an absorbent material, but these are still very functional pieces. Within the surface of each coaster, a subtle lip has been carved. This dip in the center of the stone nestles your glass like a palm reaching out to hold it, while the slight walls rise all around, keeping that cup on the coaster, and making sure none of the moisture spills out over the sides.

Now that we have discussed functionality, lets discuss the unique artistic personality of these pieces. First of all, this onyx is a type of marble, which means that it can take a very high polish. That means that the surface of these pieces are smooth, and cold. They are perfection, each piece identical in shape and feel and form to every other.

And yet, there is a wild individuality in every single piece in this set. No two are alike at all. Sure they may have the same form, the same size, the same carving, but beneath these things there is a wild and passionate chaos screaming for freedom.

If you look at the pictures here, and there are a lot more of them on the product page, you will see that no two coasters have exactly the same picture in their surface. In fact pictures and patterns found in every inch of every coaster are wildly different, with broad bold colors slashing across them in wild and erratic ways.

The base of each piece is a pale milky white green. Onto this canvas nature has painted a moving tapestry of deep reds, soft sunsets oranges, amber, gold, green, and even white clouds. Depending on the individual piece you might be staring at the sunset over the ocean, or traveling to a magical mystical land.

These onyx coasters come in a set, with six, one of a kind, individual coasters, bundled with a matched natural stone holder.

While the holder is relatively simple in design, its just a cylinder with a spot to grasp the coasters, it is carved and polished to a high hone from the same multicolored marble materials. That means that it contains the same erratic, violent, beautiful veins and formations, in its own unique way, as the individual coasters.

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