Onyx Stone Umbrella Mantel Clocks

mantel clocks

Our newest mantel clock is an exquisite piece of natural stone home decor. Crafted using the very popular multi green onyx, the unique patterns and colors which trail throughout the surface of the stone, run almost dimensionally, as the light penetrates its translucent surface.

Imported from Pakistan, this piece is part of our new expanded line, which incorporates the work of artists and designers in other countries, as well as the work of our own Pebble Artists here in the states.

This is a great clock for a beach or tropical decor. Small enough to stand on a desk, and yet impressive enough to compliment a mantel, the size of this piece gives it a lot of versatility.

Please note that this clock is crafted from natural onyx. This stone formed deep beneath the earth, and as it did, forces of chaos introduced chemical properties into the stone, which account for the unique patterns found in its surface. The piece you buy will not look like anyone elses, and your clock will be an entirely one of a kind piece of natural decor.

We are offering this clock to both wholesale and retail customers. It can be purchased directly through our outlet at http://pebbleZ.com. For wholesale inquiries, contact us at info@pebbleZ.com

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