Our Newest Clock - Abstract Orbs

stone wall clockToday I am pleased to introduce the newest addition to our line of natural stone wall clocks. Abstract Orbs is the first in a line of clocks which features a much greater human - artistic influence on the natural beauty of the material.

In the past, our clocks have emphasized the features which occur naturally within the stone, and have tried to keep the decoration to a minimum. However Abstract Orbs does quite the opposite, adding subtle properties and patterns to both the shape and face of the piece.

The result is a stone clock that combines the inherent beauty that is naturally within the material, with an artistic vision as to how that beauty should be presented.

The surface of the stone has been carved with a series of circular orbs, which act as the face for the piece. The edging of the stone has been given a grooved frame, and a sloping shape. It is as if the clock is about to turn in time with the motion of the hands, but can’t quite make it.

The stone itself is a standard grey granite. An extremely hard stone, it did present some minor problems when trying to carve the decoration into it. However any problems that arose have been overcome and this is now a standard piece in our repertoire.

The clock was created by artist Minerva Stone, and is just the first in a series of creations which he is designing for our company. A complex and interesting work, it speaks to the potential that arises when this artist meets with a natural stone canvas. To see closer pictures, or for information on purchasing this clock, just visit http://pebblez.com/clocks/art/abstract-orbs.html

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