Our Various Sandstone Coasters

We are known as being one of the worlds first manufacturers and producers of naturally absorbent sandstone beverage coasters. We began as material importers, years ago, bringing container loads of exotic materials into this country from exotic locations around the world. These boat loads often contained crates of sandstone, an attractive stone, but with little to lend itself to decorative or functional purposes.

However we noticed that when even a small amount of moisture was dropped on this material, it would disappear into the stone, leaving the sandstone looking darker in one spot, and discolored. Later on, that dark mark would dissipate, and all trace of the liquid would be gone.

A little research and we discovered that the sandstone, which was being used in architectural and artistic applications, was actually made up of thousands of tiny pores, which were soaking the moisture into the stone, holding it, until it evaporated away.

It didn’t take very much to get from that point, to understanding that this is the PERFECT material to use in functional and attractive drink coasters.

We began by offering a line of just two of our more popular stones, shaved, cut, and refined down into sets of four beverage coasters. The original colors were Rainbow, an Indian sandstone, and Panther, another Indian sandstone. These were both very highly absorbent materials, and rather unique.

They were an instant hit. Over the next year, we added several other highly absorbent sandstones to our line, as well as a variety of moderately absorbent slate coasters.

As time evolved our company expanded, and in order to keep up with the public’s desire for new natural stone home decor products, we started to incorporate designs from other artists, manufacturers, and quarries. This included a line of domestic American sandstone coasters that we were really excited about. These coasters were round in shape, and honed to a smooth perfection that made them look very factory oriented.

Next we found a manufacturer that had perfected a technique for printing directly onto the sandstone coasters, without clogging the pores. This opened our product line up to a whole host of new possibilities. Suddenly we were able to create coasters with thousands of different pictures printed right on the surface. Things were looking up for sandstone home accessories.

Today our product line boasts a huge number of both absorbent and non absorbent natural sandstone coasters. we do a vigorous wholesale and retail business, with a wide variety of customers from around the world. For more information, pricing, or selection options you can visit http://coasters.PebbleZ.com

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