Onyx Stone Ash Trays

These are our six inch square onyx stone ash trays. Crafted from the finest imported Asian onyx stone, these pieces are an instant attention grabber, dominating a room like a forceful presence. This powerful nature comes from a variety of properties which are inherent within the piece.

First of all this is an over sized ash tray. At 6 inches square, it is roughly twice as large as a standard cigarette tray. This is because it is actually designed to be used with a cigarette. You can even see the deep grooves in the side of these pieces, where the actual stogy is supposed to rest when not being used.

Another property of this stone is that it is quite dense and heavy. Even just looking at it you can see that its a solid and substantial piece. However when you actually wrap your hands around the thick cool marble, and bring it upwards, you get an idea of just how substantial this object actually is.

Finally, the most prominent property of these pieces are the wild and ecstatic colors which occur naturally in the multicolored onyx. Each piece can contain a distinct array of reds, golds, oranges, yellows, greens, and amber hues. While they all have the same flavor, being quarried from roughly the same mountains, each one is unique and one of a kind, because the patterns found within the stone will not be found exactly replicated in any other piece in the world.

The colors in the stone are enhanced substantially by the highly polished finish which is applied to it on the outside. This ability to take such a glistening polish is one of the properties that makes marble, and particularly onyx, so highly prized.

These ash trays are available as always at http://PebbleZ.com on the page http://pebblez.com/ash-trays/square-6inch-ashtray.html

Panther Sandstone Coasters

These are the panther sandstone drink coasters. They are probably in the top 5 most popular products in our store. This is probably due to the fact that they are made from extremely absorbent imported Indian sandstone. This is the most absorbent sandstone material in the world, and when you drop liquid on it, you can actually watch it soak into the surface like a sponge sucking up water.

This makes these coasters extremely functional. The purpose of a coaster is, after all, to stand between the water and moisture that sticks to the outside of a glass, and the table or other surface that the glass is being placed on. With these coasters the moisture is automatically absorbed into the stone, and it stays there, not getting anything wet, until it disappears into the air.

Another draw of these attractive accessories is that they have a unique arrangement of colors in their surface. They arent bright, vibrant, crazy colors that overwhelm you… nor are they quiet subdued tones that bore you with their monotony. Instead the panther coasters are a dichotomy. The backdrop hue is a tan sandy color… sort of like the colors of the beach, or the dessert. However interspersed subtly through these tones are vibrant contrasting colors that rip across the surface of the stone in stunning waves.

These colors and patterns are unique in each and every coaster. This is because they were formed naturally, beneath the earth, and so no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

The result of such a dichotomy of colors is that they are perfect in even the most subdued environment, blending in graciously with the other tones in the space, but they are also appropriate for a wild colorful atmosphere, where they will act as a tonal anchor, holding everything down.

The coasters themselves are 4″ square, and about 3/8″ in height. They come backed with a cork pad which means that the sharp edges wont scrape or scratch surfaces. The cork also serves as a last barrier, standing between the moisture in the stone and the table itself. While it is hard to imagine a drop from a sweaty glass penetrating all of the way through the thick stone, even if it did… it would be caught by the cork at the bottom.

These coasters can be purchased directly from our site here - Panther Beverage Coasters

Gemstone Candle Holders

Over the past few months we have put together a relatively impressive collection of natural stone candle holders in our store. While we do have a few marble and onyx pieces in this collection, the majority of our candle holders are now made using semi precious pieces of real mountain born gemstone.

Gemstone refers to crystalline materials, usually minerals, which have an attractive appearance, which makes them suitable for use in jewelry. According to this definition, an object is only gemstone if it is attractive, so much so that it can be considered for use in personal fashion accessories.

There are a number of different materials that can be called gemstone, and we have a nice selection represented in our candle holder collection. First off there are the two quartz pieces. One is a white crystal quartz, which has a soft lovely color that almost looks like snow captured in ice. The other is a rose quartz, which is similar in property, but which is tinted with a rosy attractive spread of hues.

One of the nice things about these two quartz candle holders is that they are semi translucent, which means that the flicker from the candle will atually penetrate the stone slightly, causing it to illuminate from within.

We also have another gemstone candle holder made from exotic Brazilian amethyst. This multi-faceted purple stone features a wide variety of crystalline structures, which almost grow from the base. each of these crystals is capable of capturing the light from the candle, refracting it across a thousand tiny points of illumination.

Last but not least we have a line of Sodalite candle holders. These attractive blue stone pieces are multicolored, and feature a variety of hues which flow in intriguing colors across the surface of the material. While not translucent, there is a rugged rustic uncut quality to this gemstone which gives it a natural quality which works well with the flicker of a flame.

One thing that should be noted is that tehse are candle holders made from a type of natural stone. That means that they are rather hard and heavy. In some ways this is a good thing as they will have more visual density within a room. however you should be aware that these are substantial pieces for the home.

The full line of gemstone candle holders can be seen on the PebbleZ website at http://pebblez.com/gemstone-candle-holders.html

The Advantages of Natural Stone Coffee Tables

Our new line of natural stone mosaic tables are durable, stylish, one of a kind, and a unique accent inside or outside of any home. However they are also built with a number of clever design elements which makes them even more desirable. One of the great things about these designs is that they are all conceived of, as well as built and manufactured right here in the united states.

First of all I would like to talk about the super light weight cores that are built into the center of every piece. Most stone tables are built from a solid piece of stone. This makes the table extremely heavy. However our tables are built using a new super light space age material core, with stone mosaic chips then being place on top of this core. This keeps the density of the piece to a minimum, making it easier to move the tables around when necessary.

Another nice feature of these tables is the fact that they come in so many different sizes and shapes. Ranging from 24″ round or square, all of the way up to a 48″ X 84″ dining table, with a host of sizes in between, you will be certain to find the exact size that you need for your space. We can also produce custom pieces that will fit just about any size or shape configuration that you can imagine.

One nice option that was recently added was the ability to have an umbrella hole installed in the tables center. Since these are both indoor and outdoor pieces, having an umbrella hole is convenient, allowing you to enjoy the cool smooth feel of the natural stone, while relaxing in the shade.

Another option you have is to include an illuminated onyx ring around the outside of the piece. Onyx is one of the most beautiful materials in the world. It is also translucent, which means when you shine a light behind it, it can go through the stone, lighting up all of the hidden crystalline caverns which exist inside of the stone. This can even further enhance the already multicolored beauty of this semi precious stone.

While the tables do not come with bases, we do have a variety of matched stone table base designs available. There are five standard table base designs, and seven over sized table base designs. The term “base design” refers to the shape of the base. The actual pattern of the stone used on the veneer of the base can be matched to any table top pattern that you like.

With over 30 different table designs to choose from there is a stone arrangement for just about anyone. We are also happy to do custom work,. and can take most any of the stones from any of our products, and mix and match them to a custom design of your dreams.

Black and Brown Alabaster Stone Chess Sets

This is our line of Black and Brown Alabaster chess sets. This is a beautiful piece, that features two contrasting colors of natural alabaster, that flow against one another to create a dynamic tension, which is only furthered by the glistening perfection of the alabaster material.

One of the great things about this set is that the brown alabaster is a multicolor, with multiple shades of brown flowing through it in unique and exotic ways.

The board itself is set into an ingenious wooden case, which acts both as a decorative frame to the set, and as a chest, in which the attractive and delicate pieces can be safely stored when not in use. This makes it safe and easy to transport the set when you want to play in another room, or even when moving.

The set comes with both chess and checkers pieces, so you can play either game, or come up with an entirely new hybrid. The pieces are all crafted from the same polished alabaster material that the board is made of.

For ecnturies marble chess sets have been the height of elegance. However there is a new contender for the role of most stylish chess set, and it is these alabaster sets that we have presented here.

The boards are available in our retail store from the black and brown alabaster chess set page

Rainbow Sandstone Drink Coasters

These are by far our most popular drink coasters. The rainbow sandstone coasters are made from all natural imported Indian stone. This colorful material is just about the most absorbent sandstone available, and these coasters will literally soak up the moisture from a wet glass. It is such a dramatic effect that you can actually watch the water penetrate the stone. Whats more, when water hots the surface of the material, the stone darkens, and the colors become even more dramatic.

The surface of these coasters is comprised of a unique array of golden yellows, deep purples, blushing reds, and soft violets, all merging to create a rainbow effect, which is where the stone gets its name. Whats more, the pattern found in each and every coaster is one of a kind, because it was formed at random by nature, and varies from piece to piece.

Many people consider these to be the perfect compliment to a southwestern or ranch style decor. Other people use them in settings that are both modern and rustic. The fact that they are so unique, and have such a wide array of colors, means that they can fit in pretty well almost anywhere.

The coasters themselves are 4″ X 4″ in size, and rise up about 3/8″ of an inch off the ground. They are all equipped with cork backing to protect surfaces from scratches. They are also honed, which means the surface is perfectly smooth, just ready for you to rest your glass upon it.

These coasters are sold in sets of 4, 6, or 8, or can be purchased individually. There are also half a dozen holders made from iron, metal, hardwood, and matched stone which are available for these coasters.

The rainbow stone drink coasters can be purchased at http://Coasters.PebbleZ.com

Onyx Stone Bud Vases

Tonight i would like to talk about one of my favorites. I know i shouldnt play favorites, but I do, so there.

These are the onyx stone bud vases. They aren’t just vases, everyone knows what a vase is. They are bud vases. They are intended for a single flower. One simple stalk, sticking out, alone, and yet unencumbered, ready for the entire world to view its flaws and perfections.

The vase it sits upon is of course an important part of the equation. That’s why I love this particular product. Its almost alive. Just look at the colors, the patterns, that swirl through its surface like a breathing organism. Those colors are an imprint of the soul of nature, they are a snapshot of the mind of reality, for they are entirely an evocation of the natural world.

It should go without saying that each individual vase is a one of a kind, and that no two vases will ever look exactly alike. That is just the way natural stone, especially multicolored natural stone, is. However the variation in these vases is truly special, and is akin to giving each of them their own unique personality. Each piece is an individual, unique, quirky, yet always polished, with an elegant demeanor that sets it apart without disturbing the fold.

Being a bud vase means that its relatively small. These vases are just 8″ tall and 3″ in diameter, making them very accessible. You don’t need to take up a whole mantel, you can just slide a little elegance onto a shelf, as part of a centerpiece, even on a long overhanging window sill.

The stone itself comes from a mountain range in Asian where it is quarried in huge rough slabs that are rugged, rustic, and dull. The stone is then sliced up into smaller and smaller pieces, and then carved, refined, worked, and polished, until you see the beautiful vases on this page.

Ok enough pretteling on. The vases can be purchased for PebbleZ at the page http://pebblez.com/vases/onyx-vase-8X3.html

Autumn Natural Stone Tables

This is one of our beautiful new mosaic stone tables. This particular pattern is called Autumn, ostensibly because the mosaic centerpiece consists of a mixture of multicolored earth tone pebbles, and autumn gold, red, and green stone leaves. The warm colors found in this makes this piece friendly, and inviting. It encourages you to gather around with friends and family and have real, good, honest conversations.

This table is, as is our entire collection, built using a super light core which makes the table much less heavy than other entirely stone, or stone and wood pieces.

Built for indoor or outdoor use, this table can be put into just about any location in or out of the home. It would be as comfortable on a short base acting as a coffee table, as it would on a taller base in an outdoor kitchen. The wide variety of soft colors means that it will fit most color schemes.

This table is also available in 15 different sizes and shapes ranging from tiny 24X24 inch squares, all the way up to 84″X48 massive rectangles. This means that this table pattern can be used for anything from a small side table, all the way up to a massive dining table.

The table is also available with an optional, natural stone base, which can be crafted in a matched pattern. These bases are also available in one of 5 designs.

This table is available from http://PebbleZ.com on the page http://pebblez.com/stone-tables/1072-stone-tables.html

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

The alabaster chess sets that we offer on our website are of exceptional quality. Made from high end polished alabaster stone, a material which is often used in statues and jewelry, these chess sets are the absolute height of quality and sophistication.

This particular set features a soft blue tone against a snow white stone, to create a very lovely, easy going effect. The colors do not contrast violently, instead they flow in a simple, peaceful sort of harmony, which only serves to enhance the quiet dignity of the sets.

As you gaze across the board you can peer closely into every blue square and you will see a completely different vision in each and every one. As volatile as the ocean which they seem to depict, each square has its own one of a kind nature, with unique patterns flowing across the perfect polished surface of the stone.

These unique qualities carry on into the pieces, flowing up through them and giving each blue piece its own individual set of characteristics and quirks.

Meanwhile, standing in opposition to this wild individuality of blue swirls, stands the white half of the board. These white squares are perfect, snow white visions of never changing purity which stand stalwartly against the stresses of time and entropy.

While they do miss out on some of the individuality of the blue pieces, the white half has its own draw. The understated and subtle power of perfection is something which can truly change the nature of a space.

However the true power of this set is that it can merge both unique individuality and stark perfection, to create a soft balance which stretches out across the face of this lovely home accessory.

Onyx Stone Drink Coasters

This has to be just about our most popular set of marble drink coasters. Our most popular drink coasters overall are the sandstone coasters, probably because they are absorbent, however you can’t deny the beauty and elegance of this exquisite set.

Now marble may not be an absorbent material, but these are still very functional pieces. Within the surface of each coaster, a subtle lip has been carved. This dip in the center of the stone nestles your glass like a palm reaching out to hold it, while the slight walls rise all around, keeping that cup on the coaster, and making sure none of the moisture spills out over the sides.

Now that we have discussed functionality, lets discuss the unique artistic personality of these pieces. First of all, this onyx is a type of marble, which means that it can take a very high polish. That means that the surface of these pieces are smooth, and cold. They are perfection, each piece identical in shape and feel and form to every other.

And yet, there is a wild individuality in every single piece in this set. No two are alike at all. Sure they may have the same form, the same size, the same carving, but beneath these things there is a wild and passionate chaos screaming for freedom.

If you look at the pictures here, and there are a lot more of them on the product page, you will see that no two coasters have exactly the same picture in their surface. In fact pictures and patterns found in every inch of every coaster are wildly different, with broad bold colors slashing across them in wild and erratic ways.

The base of each piece is a pale milky white green. Onto this canvas nature has painted a moving tapestry of deep reds, soft sunsets oranges, amber, gold, green, and even white clouds. Depending on the individual piece you might be staring at the sunset over the ocean, or traveling to a magical mystical land.

These onyx coasters come in a set, with six, one of a kind, individual coasters, bundled with a matched natural stone holder.

While the holder is relatively simple in design, its just a cylinder with a spot to grasp the coasters, it is carved and polished to a high hone from the same multicolored marble materials. That means that it contains the same erratic, violent, beautiful veins and formations, in its own unique way, as the individual coasters.

These coasters are available at our retail outlet http://PebbleZ.com and can be found at