Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

What you are seeing are pictures of our brand new snow white quartz translucent gemstone candle holders. These stunning little pieces are made from real pieces of mountain born and cave bred natural gemstone. The great thing about this quartz is that it is semi translucent, which means not only will it hold and frame the beauty of your candles, it will also refract it, sending the light on a complex journey through a thousand crystalline structures.

The fact that these are made from natural stone means that no two candle holders will ever be the same. Even if you were to purchase 100 of these quartz holders, each and every one would be a unique expression of nature, a one of a kind work of natural art.

This natural quality extends even deeper, in that each piece almost has its own unique personality. Standing stalwart against the machine perfect peg and hole world we live in, these pieces dare to be different, lending their own qualities, their own individual features to a room.

When coupled with a candle this effect is even more dramatic, because the life pof the flame lends some of its energy to the holder, making the piece even more dynamic.

Another thing to note is that these candle holders are made from solid pieces of real stone. That means that they have a certain amount of strength and mass. Even though you cant necessarily see weight, a heavy object does tend to have more of an impact on a room. That effect means that these candle holders will automatically be an important and imposing piece in any setting which they are placed.

These candle holders are available from PebbleZ.com on the page http://pebblez.com/gemstone-candle-holders.html

Black and White Marble Chess Sets

Today I want to spotlight our lovely black and white marble chess sets These sets are the basic, standard design for chess, that has been used for millenia. When you think of a classical chess set, this is what comes to mind.

Marble is a relatively soft natural stone that is quarried from mountains around the world. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and multicolors. This set is, obviously, made from two different types of marble, a black one, and a white one. The colors are all natural, and are present within the stone at the time that it is quarried.

When the marble is quarried it comes out of the mountain in huge chunks called slabs. these chunks are usually relatively flat, and are chipped off of the side of the mountain using a variety of levers, and or explosive devices, which separates the stone from the land.

Once quarried, the slab is cut down into smaller and smaller sizes, to make it usable for architectural and manufacturing purposes.

In the past marble chess boards and pieces would have been made by hand, meticulously carved by master craftsmen. Today we have advanced machinery which can automatically slice and polish the stone into whatever size and shape is needed. These machines work using either sanding discs, or water jets, to rework the natural stones shape. Some advanced machines even use lasers for this purpose.

The polish of the marble is what makes this material prized in chess sets. Marble can take a particularly high polish, which can make it glisten and shimmer in the light. This property gives the marble chess pieces a sense of dignity, and beauty, which is lacking in other materials.

The marble chess sets can be found in our store at http://pebblez.com/games/chess/chess-sets/marble-blackwhite-chess-sets.html

Old World Palm Drink Coasters

These are the old world palm natural sandstone drink coasters. They are made from naturally absorbent American sandstone quarried in the southwestern United States. The great thing about these coasters is that the sandstone they are made from contains minute pores right in the surface of the stone. When a wet glass is placed on the surface of these coasters, the moisture drips down into the pores and is held in the stone. Then, the water waits there, without damaging the surface beneath. Over time the water evaporates out of the stone, leaving behind nothing, no messes, no water rings, no mess.

One of the unique things about these coasters is that they have been imprinted with an image. Unlike most images printed on sandstone however, this one does not clog the pores in the stone. That means that the coaster, which naturally looks like stone, can be decorated with this attractive palm scene, without losing the absorbent functional properties in the material.

These coasters can be used in just about any setting, although they would go best in an attractive rustic, or antiqued style room. They have a classical elegance that comes both from the natural material, and the faded illustration which was chosen to adorn the surface of these pieces.

These attractive coasters are sold in sets of four and have a cork backing to protect your surfaces from scratches. The surface and sides of the stone have been honed to a smooth elegant finish.

They are available for sale in our store which is located at http://Coasters.PebbleZ.com

Spotlight on Marble Vases

Today I wanted to take a look at our collection of marble vases, and give you some pertinent information about these attractive decorative, and functional pieces.

First of all, marble is a natural stone, that is prized because it can take a very high polish, which makes it look formal and elegant. You find marble being used in all sorts of artistic endeavors throughout human history, as well as in many architectural projects. It was a favorite of kings and royalty when building palaces for themselves.

The vases that we offer are actually made from two types of multicolored marble. A multicolored marble is characterized by having a variety of unique color features, which form interesting patterns in the surface of the stone. These patterns are unique in each piece of marble, meaning that no two vases that we sell will ever look entirely the same. That makes each piece a one of a kind.

When cleaning these vases it is very important that you never use an acidic commercial soap. Marble is a base in an acid base relationship, and when it comes in contact with an acid a chemical reaction can occur. this reaction will take the form of a discoloration which will stain the surface of the marble.

To clean these vases you should simply use a warm smooth wet clothe. never use anything harsh or abrasive as you may end up scratching the polish of the stone.

If you really need to get the vase super clean, there are commercial marble soaps that are available. You can most commonly find them at tile supply stores.

This picture is of a marble vase made from a material known as fossil stone. If you look closely, you will see tiny markings in the surface of the stone. These are the dendritic imprints of plants, tiny animals, shells, and bits of flowers.

I am quite proud of our line of marble vases. They are attractive, elegant, functional, and well priced. You can find them at http://pebblez.com/vases/marble-vases.html

Small Kitchen Tables

We have added over 40 natural stone table designs to our catalog in the last few weeks. Each of these is a mosaic design pattern, crafted from a variety of natural slate, travertine, marble, and onyx chips, to create a dizzying array of beautiful choices.

The great thing about these designs, is that they can each be crafted into a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to custom craft whatever kind of table you need for your kitchen or dining room. Our smallest sizes start at just 24″ X 24″ squares, or 24″ circles.

The question of whether to choose a round or a square table for a smaller kitchen is a matter of the way the space is arranged. A round table theoretically takes up less space, because it doesn’t have the corners sticking out on all four ends. However it is not as easy to fit a round table flush against a wall, or stuck into a corner. Therefore the decision should be based on where you have extra room.

I know this post is rambling a bit, but my head is in a weird place this morning. Anywaus, back to the tables. They are built with a new super light core, which is durable enough to carry the stone facing, but leaves the tables light enough to be portable.

Another cool feature of these tables is that they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. That means that you can bring them outside and create an outdoor kitchen with them. We can even pre drill an umbrella hole for you.

As always these tables are available online in our store at PebbleZ.com

Cats Cats Cats Coasters

Being a cat person I have a bit of a soft spot for today’s new product. Cats Cats Cats is part of our printed sandstone collection, and as you can see these vibrant and attractive coasters are adorned with the delightful image of a gaggle of cats, all looking quixotically feline.

These drink coasters are made from natural sandstone which means that they are absorbent, and will soak up the moisture from a sweaty glass. In the past it was impossible to print on a sandstone coaster and have it maintain its absorbency, because the ink would clog the pores. However today thirstystone has developed a method for printing on the stone and maintaining the absorbency, allowing them to put out a whole line of exotic coasters with a variety of images printed on the surface.

To be honest, the absorbency of these coasters is not quite as good as that of an unprinted natural model. Also they are using American sandstone, which does tend to be a little less absorbent than its imported Indian counterparts. However they are still very functional pieces that will definitely protect your furnishings, and they are about on par with natural slate as far as absorbency.

The surface of these coasters is honed smooth and flat, and the edges have been ground to a soft round gradient, giving these pieces an attractive professional look.

These coasters can, as always be found on http://coasters.PebbleZ.com

Amethyst Gemstone Candle Holders

This is an interesting new product that we are carrying in the store. Amethyst gemstone candle holders. They are made from real, amethyst, that’s a semi precious natural stone that is often used in jewelry and other decorative accessories. Well, now its used in a line of candle holders, and it looks pretty great.

The holders are about 5-6 inches in length, and maybe 3-4 inches in width, but it varies quite a bit based on the size and shape of the stone itself. Amethyst is a natural material, so the shape, the size, the color, and a lot of the characteristics of the piece can vary to some extent. They all look roughly the same, its just that there is a little variation to the theme, which gives each piece a unique personality of its own.

The amethyst is particularly lovely with a candle in it, because the flickering light of the flame refracts off of the thousand crystalline points found in the stone, creating a stunning multicolored illuminated effect.

This piece is designed to be used with a single tea light candle, and is built with a padded bottom to protect your furnishings.

Natural Stone Coffee Tables

We have a whole new line of really beautiful natural stone coffee tables. Thanks to a partnership with a group of true stone artists, we can now offer over 40 different coffee table designs. What’s even better is that we also have the ability to offer all of these designs, in over a dozen different shapes and sizes ranging from tiny little side tables, to huge expanse room dominators.

The tables are made using a variety of natural stone materials including slate, marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and even onyx. These pieces are also mixed and matched with mosaics made from glass, and porcelain.

They are built to withstand outdoor pressure, but are beautiful when used in a home, making them versatile pieces. They also aren’t all that heavy, because of a special technologically advanced super light core.

Along with the table tops, which are sold without bases, are a line of matched natural stone bases. We have six base designs, which can be built to match any of the coffee table tops that we have. Or you can choose to mix and match.

The best part is that every single table design, in every single size, can be turned into a real illuminated onyx masterpiece. For just a little bit more you can add a ring of glowing onyx around the outside of the table. Enjoy the night with the warm glow of natural onyx stone keeping you cozy.

We would love any feedback you guys may have on these coffee tables. We also welcome any questions that you may have on the products or how to order.

—– Please note, the picture above, the last one, is actually a really beautiful animated gif of one of the tables with an onyx ring built into it illuminating. It is really quite impressive. I can;t get it working on the blog, but if you go to pebbleZ and click on any of the individual table pages, you should be able to see it. It has worked in every browser that I ahve tested so far. —–

Psychology of the Clock

The basic human understanding of time is the ability to determine that certain events occurred before or after one another. A human viewing the world can see that this happened, and then this happened and then this happened. By maintaining relative position between themselves and other objects, as well as having a linear perspective about the relationship of objects to one another, people are able to view the world as a system of causes and effects. This allows for us to use logic in order to reason an understanding of events. However the idea of time is different personally then it is from an outside perspective.

Humans exist in a moment, however we never know any moment because by the time we’ve noticed it, it has passed. The past is where our minds exist, constantly playing catch up with our bodies that exist in the moment headed into the future. This was first dissected by the Greek Aristotle.

It is human nature to dissect time into smaller increments, in order to analyze it. That is why clocks have been so important to inventors throughout history. This is probably derived from our psychological need to name and categorize everything. It is the dissection of time that leads humans to look for the why questions, such as questions about meaning and existence. Since we base our world on a cause and effect time model, we are always looking for a cause.

Some philosophies have indicated that one of our greatest problems is our inability to view time as part of the world as a whole, rather then as small segments. The Buddhist ideal is to achieve a state of mind that is timeless, existing in a linear world but not being a part of the flow of this world. This is interesting. When we throw out the clock we get a sense of one ness with the world. Think about being in an isolation tank. The world suddenly stops being linear and what people are left with are the random collections of thoughts floating through the void without reference. Perhaps this is an indication of a greater truth about the nature of our world.

And of course, relativity theory has changed the way we view the clock too.

Complete Your Bar With Coasters

A sign hanging above the door, a poster on the wall, a moose head complete with antlers jutting from the overhang, the bar is a place of small touches. Whether it’s a private bar in your home or the neighborhood watering hole, the bar is in the details, and evoking the image that you want will require a tweaking of those details.

If you want to demonstrate the quality of your bar, drink coasters may be a much needed touch. Although a small detail, they will demonstrate the care you have for the quality of your establishment. A coaster in a bar says that some cares about how that establishment appears. This small detail could increase the quality of patronage, as well as the perception of quality, in your establishment.

You should be careful not to push the coaster too much. You want an effect not a rule. Forcing, even requesting that someone use a coaster can be perceived as very offensive. The coaster should be there, but it should not be the show.

The exception is the novelty coaster. These are décor pieces that actually add to the bar they are placed in. Some examples include joke coasters, trivia coasters, or lighted drink coasters. There are hundreds of stores online and off that offer a variety of drink coasters. This selection insures that you can find something that will fit your décor right. Whether a private or a public institution, drink coasters are a great addition to any bar.