Painted African Stone Candle Holders

african candle holde3rs

Today I am introducing our newest product in the imported, african soapstone line, a hand painted split stone candle holder. This piece was hand carved and polished from soapstone. The bulbouse base was crafted in a 4 tier split, whose slender arms rise up to meet the base of the holder. The smooth surface of the stone has been meticulously hand painted and worked with a series of intricate designs.

These candle holders are designed to hold a long tapered candle. This makes them the perfect centerpiece for a dining table arrangement, or a mantel display.

It should be noted that these candle holders are very solid, and have a definite weight to them. While weight is not generally understood as a decorative aspect, it actually does influence the look and feel of a room. People tend to think of heavier objects as having more value, and more quality. Denser objects just seem to have more value than lighter pieces.

When a person enters a room they can’t actually see the weight of an object. However if there are visual cues which show that an object is heavy, or if they have ever lifted the object in question, their mind will know its weight, inherently. This knowledge will cause them to call up the memory of that weight, and to associate it with the piece they are looking at. In this way, weight actually has a subtle influence on the look and feel of a space.

These exotic soapstone vases are now available on our site at for $14.95 a piece. However, they look even better in sets of two, and when you buy two or more, they only cost $12.95 a piece

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