Panther Sandstone Coasters

These are the panther sandstone drink coasters. They are probably in the top 5 most popular products in our store. This is probably due to the fact that they are made from extremely absorbent imported Indian sandstone. This is the most absorbent sandstone material in the world, and when you drop liquid on it, you can actually watch it soak into the surface like a sponge sucking up water.

This makes these coasters extremely functional. The purpose of a coaster is, after all, to stand between the water and moisture that sticks to the outside of a glass, and the table or other surface that the glass is being placed on. With these coasters the moisture is automatically absorbed into the stone, and it stays there, not getting anything wet, until it disappears into the air.

Another draw of these attractive accessories is that they have a unique arrangement of colors in their surface. They arent bright, vibrant, crazy colors that overwhelm you… nor are they quiet subdued tones that bore you with their monotony. Instead the panther coasters are a dichotomy. The backdrop hue is a tan sandy color… sort of like the colors of the beach, or the dessert. However interspersed subtly through these tones are vibrant contrasting colors that rip across the surface of the stone in stunning waves.

These colors and patterns are unique in each and every coaster. This is because they were formed naturally, beneath the earth, and so no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

The result of such a dichotomy of colors is that they are perfect in even the most subdued environment, blending in graciously with the other tones in the space, but they are also appropriate for a wild colorful atmosphere, where they will act as a tonal anchor, holding everything down.

The coasters themselves are 4″ square, and about 3/8″ in height. They come backed with a cork pad which means that the sharp edges wont scrape or scratch surfaces. The cork also serves as a last barrier, standing between the moisture in the stone and the table itself. While it is hard to imagine a drop from a sweaty glass penetrating all of the way through the thick stone, even if it did… it would be caught by the cork at the bottom.

These coasters can be purchased directly from our site here - Panther Beverage Coasters

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