Site Redesign

Well we have completely updated the look and feal of From what our prgrammers tell me, these are the technical changes which were initiated with this upgrade.

A switch from table based to fully css layouts.
A low level database system was installed to handle variouse appearance and information changes.
Site Navigation has been refocused to give visitors a broader pathway to our variouse services.

All I know is, it looks really good, it loads a little faster, and there are a cool neat features that have been installed on each page including, search functioning provided by google, a newsletter form where you can sign up and get coupons and helpful hints in your email, and a second top level navigation bar so that jumping from one part of the site to another is easy.

Here are some of the pages you should check out. - Our Homepage - Our drink coaster page - Our illuminated onyx section Our famous wall clocks

The information and articles section has not been updated yet but will be once a content edit is complete.

If anyone has any suggestioins or feedback on the new design, drop us a line, we are always glad to hear from you

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