Power Decorating

Sometimes you walk into a room and you are just impressed. There is an energy to the atmosphere; it almost crackles, like it’s full of invisible lightning. These are power spaces and they don’t happen by accident. They are the result of planning, strategy, and the application of a variety of decorating technique.

One of the key aspects of power decorating is conflict. If you want to add energy to a space then you can’t be all perfectly soft and sweet. There has to be a certain amount of tension between the various elements in the room. This tension will keep people off guard, it will keep them looking, keep them searching the space for some sort of foothold that will allow them to relax and be at ease within the environment. In this way their own emotional turmoil will be fuel for the force of the room.

The most basic example of creating tension in a room is through the use of contrast. Contrasting colors are two tones which exist on opposite ends of the color spectrum. When used together in a room, the contrast of the two opposite colors will make each of them more visible, because of the differences between them. Using contrasting effects you can make colors pop out, and look much more vibrant than they would if used on their own.

While tension within a space can add energy, it is important to note that you can go too far with this. Conflict is uncomfortable, so using it to your advantage is a matter of balance. You don’t want the environment to feel so creepy and anxious that people are in a hurry to leave. Instead you want them to be overawed and impressed with the various energies that are present within the space.

Size is another important element of power decorating. The larger an object is, the more impressive it will be. If your home decor it is so large that it towers over peoples heads, all the better; people tend to respect those things which they have to look up to see. If you don’t have that much room to work with, try painting the ceiling a light color, to create an illusion of height.

Certain colors are also going to be more powerful than others. For instance red is extremely energetic, invoking a sense of imperial strength, and even the violence of war. Black is also a strong color, as its stark nature makes it the far end of the spectrum. In general deeper, darker colors will invoke a sense of strength, while lighter colors are more evocative of peace and serenity.

One of the major keys to power decorating is attitude. You have to be bold, confidant, and ready to take chances. You should fill the space with decorative pieces which are inspirational and passionate. In this way, you will be demonstrating your own, very real power, through the artistic arrangement of your environment.

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