Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

What you are seeing are pictures of our brand new snow white quartz translucent gemstone candle holders. These stunning little pieces are made from real pieces of mountain born and cave bred natural gemstone. The great thing about this quartz is that it is semi translucent, which means not only will it hold and frame the beauty of your candles, it will also refract it, sending the light on a complex journey through a thousand crystalline structures.

The fact that these are made from natural stone means that no two candle holders will ever be the same. Even if you were to purchase 100 of these quartz holders, each and every one would be a unique expression of nature, a one of a kind work of natural art.

This natural quality extends even deeper, in that each piece almost has its own unique personality. Standing stalwart against the machine perfect peg and hole world we live in, these pieces dare to be different, lending their own qualities, their own individual features to a room.

When coupled with a candle this effect is even more dramatic, because the life pof the flame lends some of its energy to the holder, making the piece even more dynamic.

Another thing to note is that these candle holders are made from solid pieces of real stone. That means that they have a certain amount of strength and mass. Even though you cant necessarily see weight, a heavy object does tend to have more of an impact on a room. That effect means that these candle holders will automatically be an important and imposing piece in any setting which they are placed.

These candle holders are available from PebbleZ.com on the page http://pebblez.com/gemstone-candle-holders.html

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