Rainbow Sandstone Drink Coasters

These are by far our most popular drink coasters. The rainbow sandstone coasters are made from all natural imported Indian stone. This colorful material is just about the most absorbent sandstone available, and these coasters will literally soak up the moisture from a wet glass. It is such a dramatic effect that you can actually watch the water penetrate the stone. Whats more, when water hots the surface of the material, the stone darkens, and the colors become even more dramatic.

The surface of these coasters is comprised of a unique array of golden yellows, deep purples, blushing reds, and soft violets, all merging to create a rainbow effect, which is where the stone gets its name. Whats more, the pattern found in each and every coaster is one of a kind, because it was formed at random by nature, and varies from piece to piece.

Many people consider these to be the perfect compliment to a southwestern or ranch style decor. Other people use them in settings that are both modern and rustic. The fact that they are so unique, and have such a wide array of colors, means that they can fit in pretty well almost anywhere.

The coasters themselves are 4″ X 4″ in size, and rise up about 3/8″ of an inch off the ground. They are all equipped with cork backing to protect surfaces from scratches. They are also honed, which means the surface is perfectly smooth, just ready for you to rest your glass upon it.

These coasters are sold in sets of 4, 6, or 8, or can be purchased individually. There are also half a dozen holders made from iron, metal, hardwood, and matched stone which are available for these coasters.

The rainbow stone drink coasters can be purchased at http://Coasters.PebbleZ.com

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