Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

rainbow stone desk clocks

This rainbow stone desk clockis another new creation by the talented and artistic Minerva Stone. In this piece, the medium he used is an imported Indian sandstone known as rainbow. This is a very popular material with this artist, due to the fact that it has unique colors and patterns, and it is relatively easy for him to carve without cracking.

This clock is about 5 inches tall, the perfect height for sitting on an office desk, or a windowsill in the kitchen. It features a natural stone base carved with a striated pattern, and a matching centerpiece. The clock is a 3″ dial insert with a gold surround, and Arabic numerals.

While this clock is simpler than many of the other Minerva Stone designs, this simplicity is actually a great strength for the piece, because it gives it a purity of style that actually makes it a rather powerful desk item.

Decorative Uses

This clock is relatively versatile and would match the decor of many different locations. The most obvious spot for it would be on an executive desk, but it could also be used on a mantel, as a smaller accent piece. Matched with several other stone clocks in different colors it could potentially create a very interesting display. This clock is also useful on a windowsill, especially somewhere like a kitchen where counter space is at a premium. Finally it also fits well into a bedroom, on a nightstand or bedside table.

The rainbow stone has a soft feel, that makes it a perfect match for any southwestern decor. The natural stone itself has an inherent power which allows this piece to fit into rustic log, or even ultra modern decors as well.

Gift Considerations

This is a great fathers or mothers day gift, as it is useful, attractive, and not too expensive. If you have a mom or dad who works in an office, consider getting them this clock as a way of reminding them you care every day at work.

This is also a nice romantic gift. The pink red color of the rainbow stone gives it a feminine quality, which is matched to the powerful nature of the imported sandstone.

This clock is now available from pebbleZ.com at the page http://pebblez.com/clocks/art/executive-rainbow.html

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