Rainbow Stone Grandfather Clocks

stone grandfather clocks

This clock is an exquisite work of artistic design, an actual grandfather clock carved entirely from natural stone. Standing at about three feet tall, it is supported by four graceful and elegant, hand tooled pillars, that are worked with a series of complex patterns. The centerpiece is a half inch sheet of solid stone which rises from base to crest, and is covered in intricate tooling. Making use of absence as a key artistic factor, the mouth of the piece is open wide to allow us a view of the tranquility balanced pendulum swinging below. The face to,, makes use of this principle of absence, as it consists of a series of window holes peering to the world beyond.

The stone used to carve this masterpiece was an imported Indian sandstone known as rainbow. It is noted for its exotic lines and colors, which run in unique patterns throughout its surface. This natural beauty was utilized by the artist, who matched his own patterns to fall in with the natural features of the material.

This clock is the work of American artist Minerva Stone, whose creations in natural stone have already startled the artistic and design worlds. This piece marks the crowning achievement in his collection, a one of a kind masterpiece that combines his own pure genius, and the infinite wisdom of natures beauty.

stone clocks

One of the interesting things to note about this clock is its slender components. The four pillars which support it are each less than an inch thick, and even the face is only about a half of an inch. This gives the clock a tender elegance, an ineffable tenderness that balances the raw beauty of its stone origins.

This hand carved, rainbow sandstone grandfather clock is available from PebbleArt Inc. and can be purchased at their retail website http://PebbleZ.com on the page http://pebblez.com/clocks/art/rainbow-grandfather-clocks.html

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