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Constantly change your homes décor according to the four seasons. You can move them around, like having the first painting by the entrance of the house represents the present season. Although I live in a tropical country, I made four Angel cross stitch artworks that are framed like paintings. I move them around according to the four seasons of the U.S. because I have relatives living there. I do this so that I do not get bored of the same décor all year round! Try it! - KC in the Philippines

I moved into a place with large windows in the living room, and I wanted to take advantage of all the light. I planted ivy in a few decorative pots and hung them in beautiful handmade macramé plant holders in each corner of the room. As the ivy grew, I drew the vines together and they twined around each other, forming a lovely ivy bower all around the top of the living room. It’s a great conversation piece, and the ivy grows quickly and is very easy to maintain. It looked great against the plain white walls.

Translucent Onyx Candle Holders

My home decorating tip has to do with paining personal rooms with the varying shades of the same color. Now I’ve done this before and it came out great. We painted 3 walls a dark blue then let them sit for about an hour. Then we painted a wall with a window sky blue. After the first couple of days the room looks more distinguished and strong with one color off the original color of the 3 walls painted.

A bland background and a “pop” of red was the secret given to me by a fellow whose renovated old homes were in “Architectural Digest” several times. Taking his advice, I made my first apartment gray and white, i.e. white walls and gray carpeting with gray upholstery, and the “pop” or “pops” of red came from the Asian pillows and wall sculptures. My next apartment was antique white walls and bone everything else, including floor tiles and kitchen appliances, this time with dark green accents, but the “pop” of red was still there in pillows and wall accents. It worked in both cases when my friend of “Architectural Digest” fame came in and saw them when they were finished. His remark was “Chic as lightening”. Enough for me to be happy!

Group like items together. Find something vintage and visually appealing, and then create a group. For example, you could fill a jar with vintage buttons, or fill a bowl with knitting needles, cover a wall in vintage advertisements, or fill a shelf with vintage glassware.

Add a touch of the paint you painted the walls with to the white ceiling and it will match better with your walls

The best home decorating secret I know of is to first get rid of the clutter. Everyone has it in their homes. There is the stuff we keep for sentiment reasons, but we don’t have a place for it. There are also things we keep because we might use them but never do. By removing clutter, the room will be like a blank slate, ready for your great decorating ideas.

Put some care and thought into the small spaces in your home. Blend beauty and functionality. The wall space between your stovetop and your above-stove microwave is an ideal location to put a pretty trivet. If you have a small strip of wall, think about what might fit well and look good. For instance, I have a narrow, 6″ bit of wall next to my kitchen cabinets. I found a few hand-painted tiles I glued ribbon to and hung centered vertically (one above the other) in the space. The small tiles make the area look much larger and make my kitchen feel nicely decorated and spacious. Gkestrel

Myself and my wife LOVE to decorate our home. We also get tons of compliments on how we decorate. One of the things that we do that seems to get the most attention and compliments from friends and family is to basically set our walls up like you are in an art gallery. There is not much space on the walls of our house that is not covered with art of some kind. We use posters, painting, postcards, ceramics, etc. in all shapes and sizes. It sounds really hodge-podge but its not. It really comes together quite well and gives our 1960’s ranch a very modern feel. Also, by doing this, it makes our space actually look bigger and our ceiling higher.

One of a kind wall clocks also make wonderful wall art galleries

These ideas concern decorating for Christmas. I take my curtain hangers and wrap them with garland with enough hanging from each side to make it hang level down the sides of the windows plus a swoop hanging down to drape across the top of the window. I use red and gold mainly. I also drape green garland with lights strung through it over the mantel and around the front door. At the ends of the curtain hangers with the garland I hang some big ornaments that I have that are red and green and have fringe hanging from the bottom. I let the kids put most of the ornaments on the tree and no matter how bunched up colors are or how many they hang together on the bottom limbs that is where they stay (the kids are only 10,9 and 6). I made our own wreath for the door using green garland and an old Christmas horn that we have had forever. I set my collection of snowmen across the mantel and use them to hold up the stockings. We set out all of our Christmas candles and keep them lighted all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We have several Christmas songs saved from albums into our computer which we listen to and sing along to while we are decorating the tree and throughout the season. We give the kids garland to decorate their rooms with along their bookshelves however they would like. My husband took coat hangers and reshaped them into the shape of a Christmas tree and a star. We wrap strings of lights around them both and set them out in the yard as well as draping net lights over the bushes along our walkway and icicle lights all the way around the porch so anyone coming up can get into the Christmas spirit as they come to the door.

Being a mom to two preschool girls, displaying their artwork is a must! However, I find that the refrigerator fills up with precious art way too fast. My solution? Use their art to decorate in other parts of the house! My favorite place for pictures is on either side of our picture window. Having two girls in the same preschool I get a lot of duplicate, yet, different, works of art. Putting them on either side of the picture window makes for very balanced decor. And with new crafts coming home at least twice a week, the decor is always changing and never boring. I especially love the pictures from different seasons or holidays. A favorite of mine was the “Leaf Moms” they came home with. They were made of real fall leaves glued to construction paper, in shapes of a person, then cleverly labeled “Leaf Mom.” What mom wouldn’t love that this time of year?!

One of my favorite home decor tips is to only purchase larger pieces of furniture, such as seating, in neutral solid colors. With a simple background to work with it is easy to create a new look with less expensive items like pillows and throws. These add a burst of color to your decor and can easily be changed out with the seasons, holidays, or just because you want something new.

The most interesting decorating idea I’ve used in my home is to make planters out of my children’s outgrown shoes. I’ve got plants in ballet slippers, rain boots, soccer cleats, cheer sneakers, and cowboy boots sprinkled throughout my home. They are, because of their size, best for starting new cuttings.

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