Red Zebra Marble Sloping Desk Clocks

marble desk clocks

This is the red zebra marble stone desk clock, the newest addition to our line of natural stone timepieces. This is a smaller clock, and yet within its surface there are a lot of colors, which form complex patterns all across the face of the piece. These patterns and colors are created entirely by nature, and no man made or artificial additions are added to them. The only thing that we do is polish the stone to a hi hone, in order to enhance and bring out the natural colors within the material.

The clock features a gently sloping pattern, and is about 4 inches in height, and about 1 inch in width. Despite its size it has a decent amount of weight, and is actually a relatively substantial paper weight. The clock is a 3″ bezel dial, with Arabic numerals and a gold rim, set into the center of the stone. The timepiece can be removed from the marble when you have to change the battery, or set the time forward or back.

Decorative Considerations

This clock is made from� a deep red marble, which is broken by lightning bolts of white. Red is a color which is known for inspiring passion, excitement, and energy.

In a kitchen, red pieces inspire hunger, and increase peoples metabolism. Use this clock on a shelf, or on a windowsill to encourage those who enter the space to get hungry. This is also a nice timepiece to use in a�dining room display.

In a bedroom, red accents inspire love and passion, so use this clock as a way of bringing interest into this room.

In a den or living room, you should use this clock as a way of balancing out subdued colors. Its fierce red surface can add excitement and passion to what might otherwise be a boring space.

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