Rock Candle Holders

rock candle holders

Continuing our showcase of new pebbleart products, I would like to introduce the Rock and Stone natural candle holder. In actuality, this candle holder is an older model that we have showcased on our site and in our showroom before. It was discontinued for several months because the original artist who envisioned these, moved on to other pursuits, and we no longer had a source for them.

Luckily, we have been able to buy out the remaining stock on these holders, and are able to bring them back for a limited time.

It is difficult to tell exacrtly how quickly these holders will sell out, but unfortunately, when they do, they will be completely gone, and we will not be reintroducing them to our line.

These candle holders are crafted from riover stones, which are polished smooth naturally by a constant flow of water. They were affixed together by drilling a hole through their center, and inserting a metal rod into the hole. This means that these candle holders are extremely durable.

The stones are natural, so each oen is slightly different, with its own unique colors and its own one of a kind shape. These features were sorted by the artist, and combined in unique ways to create a masterpiece of natural and man made art.

These candle holders are available at a limited time, AND at a reduced price of $39.95 a piece (originally $49.95)

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