Romantic Bedroom Decorating

The bedroom is a place for love. There the blissful couple retires, resplendent in their love for one another, melting languidly into each others forms until the union is complete.

And yet, let us not forget the setting of this episode. Around them the air itself cups their bodies, separating them with oblivion while joining them, uniting them in shared presence.

It is this air, this ambiance, whose very emotion will so stir the inner workings of the mind, casting you into whatever scene and setting you feel is most real. Love may be blind but it runs on intuition. Therefore, the atmosphere for love should reflect the beauty, and the power, of the feeling itself.

So consider the bedroom. Contemplate it lovingly, as if indulging the space with romance is a way of exploring the creative bounds of love for your other half. Build the perfect setting for your next passionate love story.

As to the particulars, we are all well aware of them. The enticing flicker of candle light, the soft sensations of silk and satin, the muted glow from ambient illumination, are all archetypes of romance itself.

The only real challenge is the very challenge of life, to find balance. Passion and love are never wrong, but without moderation, and control they fall apart, like waves crashing on a shore. It is only through the application of focus that you can intensify these feelings, and turn them into a steady and sustained source of joy.

Therefore a balanced approach is the best course. If you overwhelm your environment with stimulus, with emotion, it will become an irritant. But an uninspired world will lead to an uninspired life. It is only through the application of the small touch, the exciting surprise, the new, the interesting, but the subtle, that one can properly inject passion.

The gentle stone filtered glow from an illuminated onyx lamp, falls gently upon your lovers skin, bathing it in color and light

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