Sandstone Drink Coasters

Sandstone is a beautiful natural material that is formed over the course of thousands, or even millions of years. Buried in the heart of a mountain, this stone slowly emerges from the heady mix of chemicals present, each ingredient adding a subtle hint to the final appearance of the sandstone. The result is a one of a kind piece of the natural earth, with its own unique features, elements, and characteristics.

In drink coasters, sandstone has become highly prized for its natural ability to absorb the moisture from a glass. This is because the material has very tiny pores in its surface. While these holes can’t be seen by the human eye, they are large enough to allow a liquid to soak into the body of the stone.

When you take a piece of sandstone and wet it down, the water makes the stone seem to come alive, giving it a vibrant and glistening sheen which is usually reserved for polished materials.

When liquid goes down into the material itself, it stays there, stuck within the stone, until it can evaporate away. In the case of sandstone beverage coasters, this means that even the sweatiest of glasses can drip and drab and still, there will be no mess, no hassle, and no problem.

However, this functional feature of the stone does have its drawbacks. While sandstone will allow water to soak into its surface, it will also allow just about any other type of liquid to do so as well. In the case of fruit juices, sodas, or other colorful liquids, this can cause the substance to go down into the stone, staining it from the inside. Unfortunately such a stain is generally permanent.

If a stain does occur on your sandstone coasters the best thing you can do is to thoroughly rinse the stone in warm water. Don’t use soap as this may actually stain the stone further. Rather you want to try to flood the material, using the warm water to melt the sticking juice, and hopefully slide it out of the piece.

In the past sandstone was available in a wide variety of natural colors, however it was impossible to print a picture or a message on the face of the stone. Luckily today, new advancements in printing technology have allowed manufacturers to create a wide range of attractive coaster designs, printed with just about any image you can imagine. This gives you an almost endless possibility of choices when selecting a sandstone coaster set for your home or office.

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sandstone drink coasters

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