Small Kitchen Tables

A small kitchen table is an extremely useful device. Not only is it an extra surface area, that you can use to hold marinating dishes, or to set bowels on while you stir them, but it also has a social aspect. It is a way to draw friends and family together, to invite them into your culinary realm, for conversation and interactions.

The kitchen tables we offer here at are all available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. our smallest models are 24″ circles, and 24″X24″ squares. You should choose a square able when you have a spare corner to but the angle up against. This allows you to fill a corner without wasting any space, and cuts down on the amount of floor area taken up by the table setting.

On the other hand, one of the 24″ round tables will actually take up less room than a square table, because it doesn’t have any corners sticking out into the floor space. If the table you want will be floating out in the middle ofa space, then a round table will actually save you a little room. It will also protect you from sharp jagged corners which can be rather painful if you arent watching where your going.

If you have a slightly larger kitchen, you may want to consider increasing the table size. Some people even section off a portion of the kitchen to use as a breakfast nook or dining area.

One effective way to do this is with a rectangular table, butted up against the wall. This can be used as an extra counter to work on, or as a buffet table, which easily allows your guests to help themselves.

However if you want to make this a dining table floating in the kitchen, you can always pull it out, and set some seats against the wall side of the piece. Even if the table then encroaches on kitchen floor space, it is only temporary.

The tables we offer are available in over 40 different mosaic design patterns, with 12 different size and shape options. If you need something custom for your kitchen just let us know, we can usually design just about anything you might need.

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