Small Kitchen Tables

We have added over 40 natural stone table designs to our catalog in the last few weeks. Each of these is a mosaic design pattern, crafted from a variety of natural slate, travertine, marble, and onyx chips, to create a dizzying array of beautiful choices.

The great thing about these designs, is that they can each be crafted into a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to custom craft whatever kind of table you need for your kitchen or dining room. Our smallest sizes start at just 24″ X 24″ squares, or 24″ circles.

The question of whether to choose a round or a square table for a smaller kitchen is a matter of the way the space is arranged. A round table theoretically takes up less space, because it doesn’t have the corners sticking out on all four ends. However it is not as easy to fit a round table flush against a wall, or stuck into a corner. Therefore the decision should be based on where you have extra room.

I know this post is rambling a bit, but my head is in a weird place this morning. Anywaus, back to the tables. They are built with a new super light core, which is durable enough to carry the stone facing, but leaves the tables light enough to be portable.

Another cool feature of these tables is that they are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. That means that you can bring them outside and create an outdoor kitchen with them. We can even pre drill an umbrella hole for you.

As always these tables are available online in our store at

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