Spotlight on Marble Vases

Today I wanted to take a look at our collection of marble vases, and give you some pertinent information about these attractive decorative, and functional pieces.

First of all, marble is a natural stone, that is prized because it can take a very high polish, which makes it look formal and elegant. You find marble being used in all sorts of artistic endeavors throughout human history, as well as in many architectural projects. It was a favorite of kings and royalty when building palaces for themselves.

The vases that we offer are actually made from two types of multicolored marble. A multicolored marble is characterized by having a variety of unique color features, which form interesting patterns in the surface of the stone. These patterns are unique in each piece of marble, meaning that no two vases that we sell will ever look entirely the same. That makes each piece a one of a kind.

When cleaning these vases it is very important that you never use an acidic commercial soap. Marble is a base in an acid base relationship, and when it comes in contact with an acid a chemical reaction can occur. this reaction will take the form of a discoloration which will stain the surface of the marble.

To clean these vases you should simply use a warm smooth wet clothe. never use anything harsh or abrasive as you may end up scratching the polish of the stone.

If you really need to get the vase super clean, there are commercial marble soaps that are available. You can most commonly find them at tile supply stores.

This picture is of a marble vase made from a material known as fossil stone. If you look closely, you will see tiny markings in the surface of the stone. These are the dendritic imprints of plants, tiny animals, shells, and bits of flowers.

I am quite proud of our line of marble vases. They are attractive, elegant, functional, and well priced. You can find them at

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