Stone Wall Clocks – An Overview

Our line of natural stone wall clocks is one of the most unique expressions in the home décor market right now. Consisting of over 20 different colors of natural stone, and each with a variety of adjustable customization options, there should be a clock available for just about any setting.

Our clocks are crafted from a wide variety of natural stone materials. Some such as the Gold Blush wall clocks, or the African Multicolor clocks, are crafted from slate. Slate is a rustic stone that retains a lot of the essence of the mountain from which it was quarried.

Other pieces are crafted from polished, imported natural marble. Clocks such as the Oak Wood Green or the Oak Wood Brown are the height of elegance and sophistication, with a wealth of dramatic colors hiding beneath the smooth polished elegance of the marble façade.

One of the great things about these clocks is that each one is a little bit different from the last. In some stone types, two different clocks will be dramatically different, with two pieces having completely different faces. This means that the timepiece you receive will be entirely one of a kind, and unlike any other in the entire world.

Each clock, as mentioned earlier, has a number of customizable options that allow you to make the piece even more unique. You have the option to choose from 4 different clock faces including 4 number burst, Roman numeral, Arabic numeral rings, or the highly popular natural face. You can also choose the alignment of the piece, setting it to hang either square, flushed against the wall, or in a diamond formation.

The clocks all run on a simple AA battery, and hang from a steel loop which juts out of the back of the piece. This loop is highly durable and is rated to hold the weight of the stone indefinitely.

These pieces are available from our online outlet and can be found on the stone wall clocks full catalog page of

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