Table Top Nautical Clocks

Table Top Nautical clock

This is PebbleArt’s new line of table top nautical clocks, hand crafted from multicolored onyx stone.

The clocks feature intricately carved details, which have been painstakingly worked into the stone. These carvings merge and flow with the intense chaos of colors which occur naturally within the surface of the piece, to form an organic union of symphonic proportions.

The ship itself is manufactured from the finest quality imported onyx stone, which is quarried from the foothills of the Himallayan Mountains. This semi precious material is noted for the beautiful, and one ofa kind formations which erupt naturally in its visage. These colors and patterns are what make every single table top nautical clock we sell a one of a kind piece with its own individual characteristics and personality.

Brass fastenings have been attached to give the piece a series of attractive accessories including a guard rail and brass capped stearing wheel.

The clock face is a dial insert set into the steering wheel. It can be easily removed whenever you have to set the time forward, or back, or replace the battery.

This clock is an elegant and upscale piece, that would be at home on the finest mantel piece, or nestled into the most robust nautical decorative scheme. It is also a great gift for a boat lover that has absolutely everything

These table top novelty clocks are being offered by PebbleArt to both wholesale and retail customers. For retail information, visit the Table Top Nautical Clock page on

Wholesale inquiries should be emailed to the staff at

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