The Philosophy of Inspiration

What exactly is the nature of inspiration? Where does it come from? How can we generate it? Is there any way to control it?

Finding Inspiration

Tips for helping you to find your inspiration, during times when you may ahve lost some of your creative momentum

Big Bang Jazz It Up Clocks

jazz clocks An artsy clock that embodies the spirit of freedom and chaos that is inherent in a jazz symphony.

Rainbow Stone Grandfather Clocks

An absolutely amazing work of natural stone artistry and design. This towering grandfather clock stands at over 4 feat tall, and every inch of it is covered in hand worked details.

Artistic Wall Clock Updates

PebbleArt has just released a whole new line of artistic, wild, and creative clocks

Our Newest Clock - Abstract Orbs

The newest creation from artist Minerva Stone is an intriguing stone desk clock

Welcome to Artist Minerva Stone

A big welcome to our newest artist, Minerva Stone. Minerva is a talented fabricator and mason with 5 years experience working in natural stone materials

The chaos of inspiration

The meaning of chaos and disorder in the world of art