Fossil Sandstone Beverage Coasters Are Back!

A warm welcome home to the fossil sandstone drink coaters, featuring highly absorbent materials and vivid fossil formations right in the face of the stone.

Our Various Sandstone Coasters

An overview of the various types of sandstone coasters that our product line boasts. We have both round and square, printed and unprinted pieces, in a variety of colors styles, and materials from around the world.

Onyx Stone Drink Coasters

Onyx stone drink coasters. A set of six coasters made from multicolored onyx stone, polished smooth, and coupled with a stunning and unique matches natural marble holder

Amber Glow Stone Drink Coasters

A look at a set of printed sandstone coasters, that have been emblazoned with an artists rendition of the inside of a piece of amber, for a dual nature and art union which si quite interesting. This represents the newest addition to the PebbleZ line

Make Your Own Mosaic Drink Coasters

This is an article explaining how to make your own set of customizable mosaic drink coasters using recycled materials from around the home.