Gemstone Candle Holders

A quick look at our exotic collection of gemstone candle holders, including pieces which are amde from sodalite, amethyst, and two types of quartz

Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

This is a quick look at the snow white quartz gemstone candle holders. This new product is crafted entirely from naturally translucent quartz, and they are built to hold a single tea light candle.

Amethyst Gemstone Candle Holders

Introducing our new line of amethyst gemstone candle holders. This attractive purple stone refracts the light from a candle across a thousand multicolored crystalline points.

Anthropomorphic Candle Holders

Tiny little tea light candle holders that look like adoreable woodland creatures

Are These Candle Holders Gothic or Romantic?

A crimson candle holder with a gothic silver base

Unity Stone Candle Holders

A natural imported soapstone candle holder which promotes peace and unity

Twisted Stone Candle Holders

Another set of imported African soapstone candle holders

Natural Stone Candle Lanterns

An intriguing line of natural soapstone candle lanterns

Painted African Stone Candle Holders

Our newest product is a line of painted, hand crafted, imported African soapstone candle holders

Double Stone Candle Holders

PebbleZ introduces its line of double soapstone candle holders