Black and Brown Alabaster Stone Chess Sets

The black and brown alabaster chess set is an elegant piece of upscale home decor. Containing both chess and checkers pieces, the set is fitted into a black hardwood frame that also acts as a storage case.

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A look into the blue and white alabaster stone chess set that is now being offered at

An Eclectic Collection of Chess Facts

These are a few facts about the game of chess that you might not know. A random collection, for your edification

Good Chess Strategies

A quick look at some of the basic philosophy you need in order to be good at chess. This includes both broad ideas about how to think about the game, and specific tricks you can use in the game itself.

Opening Chess Tricks

A quick overview of some of teh basics of an opening chess strategy including a few tricks you can use to get an early advantage

Who Invented Chess

The origins of the game of chess are shrouded in mystery. Some say that it was developed in India, others say the chinese might have had a hand in its creation, and still others claim it was made in the middle east.

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A stunningly beautiful blue and white alabaster chess set

Travellers Chess Set

camping chess set A felt chess board that can be rolled up mid game, and taken down the road, then unrolled when your ready to play.

Babushka Chess Sets

babushka chess sets A delightful chess set based on the Russian Babushka figures

Rules for the Game of Chess

Basic information about how to play the game of chess, including rules, special moves, and how the pieces work.