Stone Wall Clocks – An Overview

A brief look at our line of natural stone wall clocks.

Psychology of the Clock

A look at the psychology of the clock and the way human beings relate to time, in accordance with the world around them.

Buying A Clock

What do you think about when buying a clock? Are you more interested in utility or beauty? Is color important? Explore these questions and more in this article

Interesting Facts About Clocks

Some interesting clock facts that most people arent aware of

Who invented the clock?

The very first clock was the sun, and the other celestial bodies, and there is no real way to know who the first human was that looked up at the sky and used it to tell time, so the inventor of the clock will have to remain a mysetry. However we can explore the question of who developed the first mechanical, or man made timekeeping devices.

Myspace Countdown Clocks

An overview of myspace countdown clocks, with a look at what they are, whats out there, and how to use them

List of Unusual Clocks

This is a list of 24 of the most unusual clocks I could find on the web. The most common pieces in this collection are simple computer programs, often based on javascript, that count time in weird ways. However the list covers everything from a giant arch clock that destroys itself, to a series of tiny but strange desk clocks

Ying Yang Time

A relaxing piece of enlightenment, found in a wall clock design

Geared – Is This a Watch?

A watch without a face. But still, a cool accessory

When Do We Set Our Clocks Back an Hour?

October 31, 2004 – 2:00 AM
October 30, 2005 – 2:00 AM
October 29, 2006 – 2:00 AM
Federal Law Changes the Date of Daylight Savings in the United States
March 11, 2007 – 2:00 AM
March 9. 2008 – 2:00 AM
March 8, 2009 – 2:00 AM
March 14, 2010 – 2:00 AM
March 13, 2011 – 2:00 AM
The Clocks Are Set [...]